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Dan Smullyan

Dan Smullyan 1947–2016

Dan Smullyan, brilliant songwriter, the heart and soul of Rollo, and our great friend, died on October 19, 2016. His music will live on.

Where are they now?

Rollo members Jonathan and Kurt Ochshorn continue to work and make music. Jon has new music on his web site, with links to mp3s and videos; Kurt is developing a new recording studio and has titles worked out for at least two new songs. His legendary Silent Night video has become a huge hit on YouTube. Dan continued to write songs, including this recording of a Jewish blues singer from Depression-era Mississippi.

Rollo at the farm Aug 2009
Jon, Dan, and Kurt (left to right) at the "farm." Rollo at the farm Aug 2009 Rollo at the farm Aug 2009
Rollo at the farm Aug 2009 Rollo at the farm Aug 2009
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