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April 19, 1979

The Guise*.
Personnel: DS/JO/MM/MS/MA "Responding to one of the signs, long-time Guise drummer Marty Stein auditioned with the group and, as long-time Guise guitarist Mike Meltzer described it, 'just kept on showing up.' With Stein on board (and a few months later his Brooklyn buddy, bass wiz Michael Antellis joining), the band was ready to break on the scene again. Selected for their comeback was the club Eric which had sponsored the first Guise gig." (from Authorized History of the Guise)

Songs: Song list not available | Village Voice advertisement (ad suggests a Sunday 4/22/79 date for this gig with the Rich Contartesi Quintet as the main act.)

* The Guise was the precursor of the mature band, Rollo.