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Yamaha CS-60 symth

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Sept. 4, 1980

Personnel: DS/JO/KO/JB/IG First gig with Julius Braunschweig (bass) and Ira Grable (drums); Kurt plays the Korg Synth (left, middle image) and lead guitar; Jonathan plays the Yamaha CS-60 (left, top image) live for the first time. CBGB, now closed (or is it?), is shown at left, bottom image.

Quite a bit has happened to the band between the March 27, 1980 Kenny's Castaways gig (as the Guise) and the September 4 CBGB gig (as NME). Kurt, annoyed that guitarist Meltzer made him pick him up in Great Neck, drive to New Rochelle to rehearse and then drive him home again, now admits to having engineered a sweeping purge in which Meltzer was eliminated as lead guitarist, replaced in that position by none other than Kurt himself; while Kurt's old friend, Julius Braunschweig, was brought in to play bass.

Songs: Song list not available, but this fragment of memory survives: "I do remember one song we played at CBGB - it was called 'Violent Fantasies,' and we never touched it again after that performance. And I remember JO humorously calling it "Violent Fan Disease"..." DS.

* NME (listed as "ENEMY" on the accounting log shown above) was a one-time name for the band, who felt that its actual newly-invented name (Rollo) was not quite tough enough for this venue.