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Eyes of a Spy

words and music by Dan Smullyan
©1981 ROLLO

you don't know me
we've never been formally introduced
i'm not trying to snow you
or give you an ego boost
nevertheless i should tell you
it isn't by chance that i know who you are
ever so clever like 007
i've studied your ways from afar

i've recorded your actions
and scrutinized your affairs
i know your favorite song
and the size of the dress you wear
lists of your personal pleasures
those intimate moments that cause you to smile
wait at the tips of my fingers
there's no other folder but yours in my file

with the eyes of a spy
i look at you

spies are the loneliest people
you see i'm just shy and in need of a friend
secret admirers and secret agents
are one and the same in the end [chorus]

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kurt dancing in the video
Kurt dances in this video
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