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Love Without Pain

words and music by Dan Smullyan
©1983 ROLLO

go ahead you can have my heart
it's been through a lot
a little more won't break it
might look ready to fall apart
but give it everything you've got
this heart of mine can take it
can't appreciate the sunshine
till you've seen the rain
tell you something you can be sure of
there can be no perfectly pure love

you can't have love
you can't have love without pain
you take the heartache away
and you'll never hold on to the things that remain
you can't have love
love without pain
so you cry a tear every day
or you find out that you've lost
more than you've gained

give me something i know is real
make it strong enough
so there can be no doubt about it
being numb that's no way to feel
i'd rather suffer love than live my life without it
can't expect to climb a mountain
and see no rough terrain
even if i find that i'm hurting
that's ok cause one thing for certain [chorus]

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