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Who's the Lucky Girl

words and music by Dan Smullyan
©1981 ROLLO

who's the lucky girl?

hey, d'you remember when we were boys
and we stole the wagon from the little girls
with their pretty curls
we've been best friends
since we were this tall
recently though you're not home
half the time when I call
man you're not foolin' me saying it's nothing at all

once we decided to be blood brothers
and we cut our fingers
with our pocket knives; brothers all our lives
hope she's lovely…
and she makes you feel so good
makes you feel happy and warm
like a friend never could
man it just won't be the same
round the old neighborhood [chorus]

it's alright man
what you've done's no crime
just like a child picks a nickel ahead of a dime
romance wins out over friendship every time

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