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Secret Lover

words and music by Dan Smullyan
©1984 ROLLO

no one knows what we're about
sometimes even i'm not sure
still there isn't any doubt
i'm madly in love with her
we never talk about romance
only the weather
i try to make it look like chance
brings us together

she doesn't know it but she's my secret lover
i'll never show it but she's my secret girl

i can't tell her how i feel
cause she wears someone else's ring
still our love affair is real
it's realer to me than anything
sometimes i walk her to the bus
innocent pleasure
the sun is shining down on us
moments to treasure [chorus]

no one sees us holding hands
cause that's something we've yet to try
still i think she understands
there's more to us than meets the eye
we share umbrellas in the rain
shoulder to shoulder
though secret lovers we remain
i've never told her [chorus]

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