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She Wasn't One

words and music by Dan Smullyan
©1984 ROLLO

you don't pick me up when you put her down
don't say those things about her
it won't help me now
i don't want to hear about girls you've known
they had warm lips, pretty faces
and hearts of stone

she wasn't one of the hurting kind
she wouldn't love you then change her mind
i don't forgive her for what she's done
but don't say she was, she wasn't one

i don't mean to snap at you
when you're trying to help
no, i really wouldn't rather be by myself
just don't tell me she
was like some of them girls
wearing all the hearts she's broken
like strings of pearls [chorus]

Bridge: one of them girls
who never has a reason for the things she does
one of them girls
she wasn't one so don't say she was
[bridge/ chorus]

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