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Shoot the Moon

words and music by Dan Smullyan
©1980 ROLLO

we're playing hearts and it's 2 am
i wanna win it
and then you deal the cards and i look at them
i think a minute
i see some aces and kings and the queen of spades
i think i'll go for it all
there'll be no bluffing or masquerades
i'll fly or baby i'll fall

shoot the moon, shoot it shoot it
shoot the moon, do it right
shoot the moon, shoot it shoot it
it's a heavenly flight

i lead a diamond and you throw a club
my head is spinning
because the thing is timing in this game called love
the thrill is winning
i'll give you strings of diamonds
till your clubs are gone
i want a piece of your heart
trick after trick i'll keep pouring it on
until you're coming apart [chorus]

hearts are broken and i know you're mine
you can't resist me
you leave the door wide open
and the full moon shines
come here and kiss me
you've got a wild card waiting in your birthday suit
it shows all over your face
i've got a moon rocket ready to shoot
we're blasting off into outer space [chorus]

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