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That Must Be the Way

words and music by Jonathan Ochshorn
©1984 ROLLO

that must be the way to love her
you must have found
what i never could discover
and i guess that's why she left me for another
though she broke my heart completely
i still love her so

thinking back over the time gone by
all i'm left with is a memory
from so long ago
when she left me
she sure taught me a lesson
why you made such an impression
i don't know [chorus]

i'm not jealous, maybe a bit confused
cause i thought our love was stronger
and it would always grow
i was wrong, now she's gone forever
if you find someone you love
never let her go [chorus]

it's not easy picking the pieces up
when there is no one you can turn to
and no place to go
someone's coming to start your heart healing
when you find her don't hide what you're feeling
let it show [chorus]

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