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Purchase Rollo's CD and vinyl 45 record from CD Baby.

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About CD Baby:
CD Baby is based in Portland, Oregon (land of microbrews, overcast skies, and constant creativity). They're a company run by artists, for artists. Almost everyone there is a musician, writer, filmmaker, painter, dancer, tinkerer, or vegetable juggler! If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by, take a tour, and sing us a tune!

Rollo CD

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Heyday of the Automobile
After the Dance

CD Baby Facts
1. They started in a garage in 1998
2. They/ve grown to become the world's largest online distributor of independent music, which is pretty cool.
3. They've paid out over $250 million to their artists.
4. They're home to the world's largest giant crazy-ball of packing slips.

Tired of dealing with actual CDs? Having trouble removing that shrinkwrap? Can't find room for all those jewel cases on your valuable shelf space? Well, now you can go completely digital! For the first time, Rollo songs can be purchased on iTunes and other online sites such as Amazon.com! iTunes logo